Do you struggle with boundaries?  Relationships?
Do you pick up other people’s energies?
Are you ‘highly sensitive’ to your environment?

If you are a highly sensitive person or empathy, stop &
imagine your life improving with Jan Mitchell’s empowering body, mind & soul clearings.
With Jan you will release problems with:

-  drama (yours & others peoples)  
–  self judgement, fear, anxiety, negative mind chatter
-  relationships, co-dependence, love
-  physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual
–  money issues, receiving, abundance
–  past lives, soul contracts, chakra, aura

Invest in yourself with Jan’s powerful blend of Reiki Master Energy Clearing, Access Bars ++, cleaning Chakra’s, clearing Aura Levels, NLP Life Coaching & much more.

A session with Jan may include Reiki, Access Bars++, NLP Hypnosis, Chakra & Aura Healing:
1 1/2 hour session healing your bodies energies
physically, emotionally, mentally & Spiritually
– clearing stress, limits, pain, dis-ease, judgement, fear, other peoples stuff
– clears thousands of years of past lives & more

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NLP Hypnosis Audio’s are designed with proven strategies that overcome blocks, handle sabotage & install needed skills.   Audio’s cover Weight Loss, Confidence & Boundaries, Stop Smoking, Enriching Marriage, Overcoming Anxiety. 

Jan has guided women with NLP, Hypnosis & Energy Clears for 22 years,  empowering women to improve confidence, relationships, health, wealth & reach goals in all life areas.

You can overcome low self confidence, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, fear, sabotage, abuse (emotional, physical & sexual), grief, phobias, co-dependence, relationship problems & much more.  You can develop supportive tools.

Reasons Why It’s Been Hard  To Change:

  1. changes are incomplete on the body, unconscious mind & Spiritual level
  2. need to remove judgements about self, others & more
  3. need to release stuck energy from this & past lives
  4. need to collapse time, space & dimensions to change
  5. need to clear limiting beliefs, patterns
  6. need to install empowering beliefs & tools to use automatically